oil field walking-beam pumping unit energy-saving equipment

oil field walking-beam pumping unit energy-saving equipment


oil field walking-beam pumping unit energy-saving equipment, the principle of electric
1. Reasonable selecting motor, avoid phenomenon, improve operation efficiency, saving the motor to 15%.
In order to satisfy the past, optional motor start pumping unit than actual operation process of the required power matching, plus, reduce oil Wells in practical use, thus make motor process of motor output than actual operation unit for power, electrical power factor only 0.2-0.4, even lower. It is common phenomenon of "big power car." In order to make the machine adopt mechanical properties and characteristics of motor shaft of reasonable matching, we adopted the rated power is far less than the motor power motive. Not only reduce the loss of motor, and make them in work area efficient motor, improve the efficiency of the motor.
By the design and transformation and pulleys structure, using electric matching of high transmission efficiency, low transmission, high-speed operation way of working, namely to meet the needs of the power system starting, and can meet the needs of operation process.
After big motor for electric power saving rate, can achieve 15% or so.
2. And reduce stroke, improving energy efficiency of oil pumping system more than 10%.
According to the different amount of oil pumping, adjust the number of strokes, sucker number and size of the amount of oil pumping Wells, avoid to accurately match, make whole system is always in the efficient operation, energy-saving purpose. I use the company unit electric pumping unit by adjusting speed device, electric pumping unit can be easily realized the change.
3. And energy saving energy conversion to more than 10%.
The donkey head dropped in unit process of a potential energy and kinetic energy conversion, the donkey head from the top downward process is an accelerated process, fast, even more than the motor speed, when the motor speed when the power, and the power of the same frequency and minutely not less than grid, such, feedback to electric network harmonic.
Secondly, the donkey head down process, a potential inertia, their this time is not to need to work, motor speed when we adopted the donkey head over the motor speed, driving the donkey head with motor shaft automatic transmission parts, such as separation problem solved inverse power saving electricity. Through this method can electricity-saving above 10%.
In daqing, zhongyuan, henan, kelamayi oilfield large area in China is used as proof: the above three methods, which can solve the effective combination in not reduce oil production conditions, can achieve saving 30% - 50%.
4. And product development project feasibility report
According to incomplete statistics, China's existing beam pumping unit, more than 60 million in the year of operation, all-weather annually in the pumping oil consumed only electricity reaches more than 70 billion RMB of above. The main production of our oil, crude oil is used in the 1960s, production of old beam pumping unit, these old pumping equipment, bulky heavy energy waste quite serious. Use these devices every wasted 30 million RMB, according to status quo, daqing oilfield, shengli oilfield, zhongyuan oilfield, kelamayi oilfield, put forward to solve common technical issues pumping oil saving. Shenzhen institute of tsinghua university and Shenzhen Lianchuang Energy Conservation Equipment CO., Limited Jointly launched the latest generation of r&d, effective electricity-saving system - oilfield beam pumping unit power equipment. Through field investigation, we found that the existing old beam pumping unit of energy consumption in their most mechanical transmission process, nearly half of the electrical energy is wasted white. Effective electricity-saving oilfield beam pumping unit is complete sets of equipment, according to the original old beam pumping unit of mechanical structure unreasonable caused serious waste of energy; change the mechanical transmission loss of part of their equipment. And according to the amount of oil Wells oilfield in the actual situation, do not affect the amount of oil Wells, the premise, saving rate electricity-saving rebuilding 48% above.
This technology is currently in the world scope of origination, the electricity saving method and the type of beam pumping unit has been granted the national patent, 2005.10100.947.0 number, and obtained the state intellectual property office preferred text.

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Model Number: 3-35
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